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Rivets are used on ramps, plastics and other assemblies. Here's how to make replacements that are EXACT to factory specs.




 Rivet Press 

This is simply a gorgeous tool and I'm proud to have designed these. It produces a professional crimp using the nickel-plated brass rivets that are typical of original pinball manufacture. Weighing in at over 20 lbs, it can be used with or without bolting it down using the bolt holes. This is based on a press from overseas. I rework them to greatly increase the ability to maintain tolerances, and thus, repeatable excellent performance. This tool will last a lifetime.

Designed to produce a factory quality rollover crimp using the semi-tubular rivets common in pinball manufacture. Includes 1" Head and Rollover dies for crimping 1/8" diameter tubular rivets. Shipping outside the United States is costly, over $100, and may require additional payment beyond what the shopping cart will charge. Hand built to order, please allow up to 10 days before shipping.


$198.00 each







  Rivet Press Kit 

This is kit of all the parts you need to make your own Rivet Press. Just buy a 1/2 or 1 ton arbor press from Harbor Freight, Enco, or Grizzly and use these parts to convert it to a rivet press like the one shown above. Includes a set of 1" long hardened steel dies for clinching 1/8" diameter semi-tubular rivets as used in pinball machines. Comes with illustrated instructions. A drill press is strongly recommended.

Making your own Rivet Press is not as hard as it might seem. If you're handy enough to tackle pinball repairs, you can probably accomplish it. Here's a comment from a recent buyer of my Rivet Press Kit:

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for a great product. Your rivet press kit is amazing. I am not a very good handy man, and even for me the kit was very easy to put together. And once put together the thing works like a champ. I got all the riveting I needed done on my Addams restoration in a few hours. Thanks again, and I love the site and products you offer. Keep it up.
Shaun "

$60.00 each







 Rivet Rollover Punch 

This is a professional tool for clinching 1/8" diameter semi-tubular rivets by hand. It should be used with a cupped head die like the one on our Rivet Press but you can also use a block of hardwood, like oak or maple. Makes a useful add-on to a Rivet Press to reach down into those odd spots where a Rivet Press ram can't reach. Use a light hammer and tap carefully, it's very easy to crack plastics when riveting them with a punch and hammer blows.


$28.00 each




 Semi-Tubular Rivet Setting Dies 

These are precision dies in a 1" length as used in our Rivet Presses. The head die (shown on the right) accommodates oval and truss head rivets. The rollover die (shown on the left) creates a perfect rolled crimp on semi-tubular rivets of 1/8" diameter, the size most commonly used in pinballs. These are 1" long dies, as they make reaching down into tight spots much easier. Mounts in a 3/16" hole. Sold individually or as a set of 1 head and 1 rollover die.

Head Die or Rollover (Crimp) Die $25.00 each

Set of Both Dies $45.00







Extra-Long Rivet Dies 

These are extra-long versions of our standard rivet dies sold above. These dies have a 2-1/4" body length as compared to the 1" long dies sold above. These make an excellent addition to the standard rivet press set of dies as you can swap in either long die to reach deep down into a tight spot and use the standard die on the opposite side. They are too long to use both at one time in a Rivet Press so you need an XL die paired with a regular length die to fit in the press. These are exclusive to PinRestore. Each one is a tool steel rivet die as used in our Rivet Presses. These dies accommodate semi-tubular rivets of 1/8" diameter, the size used in pinballs. These dies produce the clean, rolled-over look of a factory crimped rivet. Both a head die (on the right) and a rollover die (on the left) are needed for proper rivet crimping. Mounts in a 3/16" hole. Sold individually or as a set of 1 head die and 1 rollover die.

$30.00 each or

$55.00 for a set of both dies




 Rivet Die Holding Punch 

This is tool is for using your rivet dies (not included) as a punch, freeing you from the rivet press for operations where the press won't fit. It should be used with either a head die or a rollover die like the ones on our Rivet Press. Makes a useful add-on to a Rivet Press to reach down into those odd spots where a Rivet Press ram can't reach. Use a light hammer and tap carefully, it's very easy to crack plastics when riveting them with a punch and hammer blows. You get 1 die holding punch as shown at the bottom of the picture. The punch is shown with a die inserted at the top as an example. No dies are included with this punch.

$16.00 each





 Master Rivet Kit 

This is a neat little kit with 240 rivets and 120 backing washers. Each kit contains the following lengths and quantities of 1/8" diameter nickel-plated brass rivets: 5/32"x40, 3/16"x40, 7/32"x40, 1/4"x40, 9/32"x40, 5/16"x40. Each kit comes in a plastic divided box.

$30.00 each





These are 1/8" diameter nickel-plated brass rivets available in 9 different lengths. From left to right they are 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 9/32", 5/16", 1/2" and 9/16" (not shown). The 1/2" and 9/16" rivets are zinc plated steel and are for riveting new blade switches onto brackets for kickers and targets. Each size comes in a pack of 10.

$1.50 per pack of 10 rivets





 Backup Washers 

These are zinc-plated backup washers for reinforcing rivets that secure plastic pieces. The backup washers are the thin type used by the factory. Backup washers come in a pack of 20.

$1.50 per pack of 20 washers






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